Avenue Planet is the optimal experience hub for Virtual Reality.



Users can walk down the 12 most important avenues in the world and access the top 1,000 most breathtaking experiences from the comfort of their own home.


Each experience will have the potential of being viewed at least a million times creating a true unique and disruptive business model. This new virtual reality technology allows the user to feel fully immersed and live a unique sensory experience not possible to date.

Avenue Planet is not an improvised player in the world of virtual reality and ecommerce, it has been preparing and developing the technology for the past 4 years in order to give the consumer an absolutely unique experience, made possible by the millions of virtual reality glasses that are going to flood the market. Once adopted by the masses, content will be created and released rapidly to meet the demand. Avenue Planet will be the best distribution platform for all content producers.

Avenue Planet will be the hub where users will access this great content.

Avenue Planet is the moment we have all been waiting for in VR.